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Why We Are Here

Why We Are Here
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There are custom parts for the masses you can get anywhere that everyone else has. Then there are one-off machined parts that are cost prohibitive for most to have made. We at Olander Artistic Machine are in between these extremes making customized machined parts affordable.

Our Business Philosophy

We produce high quality, machined billet aluminum parts that no one else offers for the discriminate car owner that wants to differentiate their car from everyone else's with custom parts that are not available at every corner parts store and at an affordable price. We want to be your machine shop for your unique custom parts.

Always American

All of our parts are designed, prototyped, and machined right here in the U.S.A. We are an American company producing American products. We keep total control over quality every step of the way while doing what it takes to remain competitive with the other "stuff" from overseas that the bigger suppliers want to sell to you. We believe with the quality of our product and the price we are able to offer by minimizing overhead that our product is one of the best values on the market.

Our Company

Spawned by the same desire you have Olander Artistic Machine was started out of the need for a source of custom machined automotive parts that are not found everywhere and on everyone's cars,  parts that have that "one-off" custom machined look as found on the most expensive and prestigeous automobiles yet while still within reach of most auto enthusiasts.
As a Toolmaker myself I started designing and machining custom parts for my truck and my wife's 1966 Mustang and then this spread to family member's vehicles and business contacts. I quickly learned there was a demand for parts of this caliber but they also needed to be at a price that was within reach. We design and prototype all the parts ourselves and then have them produced on state of the art, high speed CNC machining centers by a shop that is at the top of the industry for quality and efficiency. By operating in this manner we are able to design the best quality parts and produce them with the lowest possible overhead costs in order to keep the price down for you.

Olander Artistic Machine