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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

This Mustang was found for sale on ebay. It was in Alliance, Ohio within driving distance of our home so we went and looked at it in person before bidding on it. According to the auction it had what I was looking for. It had a V-8 with automatic transmission, new sheetmetal, new seat covers and carpeting, and new paint which happened to be my favorite color, purple. Though the reserve price was not met the owner contacted us and said that he would accept $600 less than the reserve price if we were interested. It sounded very fair so we made the deal.
In meeting and speaking with the owner of the car we learned the history he had with it. He bought it from an owner in Oregon and he even had pictures to show of the car as it was then and through the process of everything that he did with the car once he got it home.
Here is the state of the car when he found it. He stated the fact that the cowl did not have the typical rust out spots was the reason for purchasing the car. This indicated to him that the car did not suffer from the usual rust prone areas.



I cannot imagine buying a car in this condition! He was certainly more ambitious than I ever would be.



Even though the car appears in very rough condition what is there is very solid.