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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

The crank was beautiful when it arrived. All the reciprocating components were balanced by the shop that did the machining on the block. The block was bored .030" over and one cylinder needed to be sleeved due to some pitting on the cylinder wall. The block was decked to 8.198" from the stock height of 8.206" just to square everything up.


Since this was going to be a performance application we decided to go with main studs instead of screws. All the critical fasteners are ARP brand.



The block, intake manifold, timing chain cover, and water pump are painted the same Prowler Purple as the rest of the car. The heads were left their original cast aluminum color and the oil pan is chromed. 
The intake manifold is an Edlebrock Performer RPM and the carburetor is a Barry Grant Road Demon 625 CFM 4 bbl. with vacuum secondaries. The double roller timing chain is an Edelbrock set.
In these pictures the engine is only mocked up with the intake, carb, and valve covers just to see how it would look. The valve covers were bought when we thought the engine was a 302 and besides the displacement no longer being correct they would not clear the roller rockers so another set was needed.