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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

So here's a look of what was left over after the engine was pulled out of my car. How could we possibly put a totally rebuilt and beautiful engine back into this?




While we were at a Mustang show in 2004 we saw a 1968 Mustang that had an incredible looking engine compartment and matching trunk. The owner of the car said it was a finish called Zolatone. It looked spectacular! We looked into it on the internet and bought some. Not wanting to duplicate the exact finish that the other Mustang had my husband sprayed it on so that the spatter would have a different look to it.
Zolatone is a very durable, abrasion resistant finish. It is also pretty high tech. The base color has the spatter colors with it right in the same can! The spatter colors are encapsulated in a "chemical balloon" to keep the gobules of contrasting color seperate from the base color. Preparation of the paint and spraying it need a lot of attention to detail to apply the paint correctly.
We used a white basecoat with gray and black spatter. We were going to go with a lavender base with blue spatter that appeared purple in the brochure but we did not want to chance the spatter appearing blue instead of purple. This stuff is too expensive to buy again to redo the whole thing.
After removing everything from the engine compartment it was cleaned up and then sanded and cleaned again.


The steering column and gearbox are going to be replaced so there wasn't too much concern about cleaning and masking these off. The master cylinder is also going to be replaced with a power brake booster and dual master cylinder. Now to mask it off and paint it with primer!