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4.6L Billet Aluminum Ignition Coil Cover

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Have you put time and money into making your engine compartment and your 4.6L engine look as good as it can but you are still stuck with the dreary OE ignition coil covers? Not turned on by the only  billet aluminum cover available? Neither are we. That's why we are developing our own line of custom billet covers!

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We are developing our own style of designs like this custom one done for a client. We feel these look much better than the stock covers and better than the only other billet ignition coil cover available on the market from "Brand F".

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These will be available in a highly polished finish as well as brushed and chromed finishes.

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Here are some designs currently in development. Please contact us with your thoughts and comments about them. We want to know if we are hitting on what you want. Also please feel free to let us know what other ideas you would like to see available! Click on each low resolution image to see the complete drawing full sized.
All images below are copyright Steve Olander 2006

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All of the text will be machined in outline just as in the finished covers above. To contact us email to: