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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project



After painting it then was sprayed with a clearcoat just like any other modern paintjob. The car looks incredible in this shade!
I suspect after all this investment in the car that money was starting to run short and perhaps that is the reason for the tires and hubcaps on the car. Also at this time the owner was working on starting his own business and he needed more capital. That caused the car to go up for sale and eventually on ebay. Lucky for me that is when I was looking for a Mustang. My husband stated that everything that had been done to the Mustang was done the same way he would have done it himself. The timing couldn't have been better.



All of the emblems are new, the seat covers, door panels, and the carpeting. Also the 289 was put in and the correct 5 lug spindles for a V-8 Mustang. There was also an 8" rear axle to go with the car that had not yet been prepared or installed. It also came with a new headliner that needed to be installed yet. The car also had new balljoints, lower control arms, and tie rod ends.
When we went to pick up the car the owner requested that if we were to ever put the car up for sale to please contact him first. Of course we promised we would, but I don't think there is any way this car will be going up for sale as long as I have it!