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Power Brake Booster

The power brake booster is from a 1987 2.3L Mustang. With the 1965-66 Mustang only weighing 2,700 - 2,800 pounds this booster works great. It comes with a long rod for the master cylinder so be sure to get the correct master cylinder. More on that later.
The stud pattern for the booster is not too much of a problem. As detailed on the previously mentioned webpage you will have to open up two holes and drill two holes. This is not very difficult. It just takes some time and care.
Make a pattern of the studs on a piece of manilla folder. This is sturdier than paper and works fine. Note that in the picture below the pattern is bolted in place BACKWARDS. Yes, he did notice this before he drilled holes.


The two bolts at the top of the pattern secure the upper part of the brake pedal mounting bracket. Mark where you need to drill your holes as well as where you need to open up the top of the opening where the rod boot goes through the firewall. After you remove the template you will need to remove the two nuts on the upper part of the pedal mounting bracket that these two nuts secure to. You will be securing the bracket with washers and nuts on the booster studs that will take the place of these two screws. This is what it will look like after you've drilled your holes, removed the two upper nuts and opened up those holes just a little, and opened up the boot hole, and if you've done it right you won't have the two mislocated markings where you put the pattern on backwards!