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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

In this section I am going to cover the finishing of the engine and the custom parts that were machined for it. I am doing these together as the parts were needed in order to finish the engine.
My husband is a Toolmaker and designs and machines things for a living. He has also been an artist much of his life doing oil paintings, metal sculpture, a little bit of air brushing, drawings, and a bunch of other things. He took it upon himself to design something to machine into polished aluminum valve covers that we got to clear the roller rockers.
He brought home several designs that he drew up in CAD and I picked out the one I wanted. Here are pictures of the valve covers with the machined logos in them painted, you guessed it, purple.



The valve covers did not have holes for the oil cap, breather, or PCV valve when they came so my husband had to machine these in which is a little more difficult with a finished and polished cover. He drilled the holes a little small and then openned them up to size with an abrasive roll on a die grinder. Unfortunately the roll unravelled while he was working on the hole for the oil cap and it scratched the heck out of the polished cover! He later polished the scratches out after a lot of profanity. 


As if these were not enough he also had an idea for custom wire looms. He said he did not want to get the "same old thing" that everyone else has and he remembered seeing a custom pair of looms at a Mopar car show and used that idea for inspiration, again never being one to copy someone's idea exactly...