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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

Put on the Brakes!
March 15, 2007

STOP!!! Yes, that will be much easier now. My husband is in the process of doing a Granada disc brake swap and also installing a power brake booster and dual master cylinder, as well as rebuilding the front suspension! Now I will be able to put him through the windshield with a panic stop, LOL.
Here's how it looks at the moment....


Yuck! Pretty empty, and grimey. The orange thingy you see to the left is the plastic shipping cap on the balljoint of the new lower control arm that is going on. Beyond that I think is the wimpy 6 cylinder swaybar. That is being replaced with a new 1" swaybar.
As you can imagine the upper control arms were just as nasty, as were the strut rods. My husband cleaned these up, sand blasted them, and painted them, along with the Granada Spindles. So where do you hang newly painted suspension parts??


On your wife's clothesline in the laundry room of course! They do look nice though, don't they?
And here's a picture of one of the Granada spindles. I will start a new section on the brake and suspension build when it is all done!