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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

Last update December 26, 2007
Added Granada Disc Brake section
and it is still under construction


Welcome to my site. Here you will learn all about my 1966 Ford Mustang. It has quite a few custom touches with a few more yet to be done. There isn't another Mustang quite like it.
You will learn how the car started out and how it got to appear the way it does today. The car is about 85% done. Originally a six cylinder car it now has a 331 stroker engine with custom designed and machined parts, customized engine compartment, and custom designed and machined speaker grills. All of these parts are one of a kind. Other changes include five lug front spindles, 8 inch rear axle with Auburn Posi differential and 3.25:1 gears, and BF Goodrich Excentia GT 215/70R14 tires.

Videos of my car!

Video Compilation of my car

The Build of the 331 Stroker

Video Footage of Car In Action!