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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project


After the car was all put back together the Magnum 500 rims and B.F. Goodrich Excentia GT's were put on it. It's looking pretty good in this picture! The springs still need a couple weeks to set in to the height that they will ride at.
When we put the GT foglight kit on we put another accessory on with it. On ebay I found a light kit that replaces the original chrome horse in the center. It is a molded plastic light with a raised horse emblem. It was wired to come on with the foglights. Though the foglights looked great we weren't so sure about the horse light in the center.


We thought it was looking kinda tacky. But then we waited until night time and turned it on.... 



How cool is that! It looks fantastic. I drove with it for the first year but over time we just had a hard time with how tacky it looks during the day. We plan to remove it and replace it with the original horse (which we have done) and rig a removeable reflector to place behind the horse at night and keep the reflector in the glovebox during the day. The light bulb will be hidden behind the horse so yo won't see it during the day. This way I can have the best of both worlds.