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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

Finally it is finished! The bad part is that it wasn't finished in time for the big show! For the explanations of why that was please see the "What Could Go Wrong Did Go Wrong" section when it is up.



We still need to do something with the radiator hoses and their clamps. Original type hoses and clamps were put on just trying to get done for the show. There are a few other things that were just put on in haste.
So just how detail oriented is my husband? Here are some things to notice when you see the car at a car show. All the fasteners in the engine compartment and the engine are stainless steel. He selected the hold downs for the wiring harnesses, also stainless steel (picture coming), the hose securing brackets for the heater hoses were improvised but painted to match the car....


The two wires you see hanging in that picture are for the new heater blower motor. We need to replace the electrical connectors with the correct sized ones yet.
And don't forget to stick you head down behind the radiator and in front of the engine so that you can see where he painted the "SVO" machined into the Ford Racing heads!


There are still things he wants to do in the engine compartment to make it right since there are plenty of shortcuts in order to get the car to the show that it didn't make it to. In 2006 though it is going to be great!
Engine Specifications
1968 302 Block
Ford Racing GT-40 X305 Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Harland Sharp Aluminum Roller Rockers
Smith Brothers Custom Pushrods
KB Forged Aluminum Pistons
File Fit Moly Piston Rings
Eagle 3.250" Stroker Crankshaft
Eagle 5.400" I-Beam Rods
Clevite Bearings
Lunati Retro-Fit Roller Camshaft .522" Lift, 268* & 279* Adv. Dur.
Lunati Roller Lifters
Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold
Barry Grant 625 CFM Road Demon Carburetor
Doug Thorley Tri-Y Headers Ceramic Coated
Ford Racing Underdrive Aluminum Pulleys