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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project


The engine had a little sludge in it but nothing really bad. All the bearings were still excellent and there were no mechanical problems with the engine. However, while my husband was disassembling it he ran across a couple inconsistantcies. This lead to his discovery of a little known anomoly that occured at Ford in 1968.
When he removed the valve covers he saw that the heads had "289" cast into them. 


That was odd since the engine was a 302. Then after he removed the intake manifold, sure enough, he found "302" cast into the lifter valley.


Since something just didn't seem right he did some extensive research on the internet and found out an interesting story about this particular engine and a little known occurance at Ford Motor Company. It all begins with the casting number in the picture below. See the letter "B" at the end? This holds the key.