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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

C8A 6015 - B . A little back story; in 1968 when the 289 was no longer to be built and was being replaced by the 302 the Ford Windsor, Canada plant was being retooled to make the 302. The 289 was being built at both the Windsor and Cleveland, Ohio plants and so were the 302 engines to be done the same way.
After the Windsor plant had reached the point where the 302 blocks were able to be cast it was not tooled any farther. Somewhere long the line the company decided to only produce the 302 at the Cleveland plant. I suspect due to the 351 Windsor engine coming along. The blocks that were already cast at Windsor were then sent to the Cleveland plant where production of the 289 was finishing up and the plant had run short of 289 blocks. These 302 blocks from Windsor Canada, the only ones with the suffix "B" at the end of the casting number, were used to finish building the required number of 289's at Cleveland and then were used for 302 production.
So due to this practice the only way to truely verify if the 1968 302 block with a "B" suffix is in fact a 302 or a 289 is by checking the crankshaft. The 289 crank with the shorter stroke has an "M1" cast into it. The 302 crank with the longer stroke has "M2" cast into it. Mine had an "M1" which made it a 289!!
Unfortunately you cannot see that number in this picture. But you can see that the crank was in pretty good shape.


So I was confronted with what to build the engine into. I decided I wanted the 302 so my husband went looking for a new crank, rods, and pistons for a 302. He found that a stroker kit to make it into a 331 cost the same amount of money. A 347 stroker kit would have cost the same as well but he felt that at the time there were some concerns about longevity with the pistons rings in a 347 and issues of how the top ring land was machined so we stuck with the 331 kit. He said he didn't want to have to go back into the engine at least for 100,000 miles.