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My Husband's Mad Max Interceptor Project

We ended up getting a kit with an Eagle Crankshaft, Eagle rods, KB forged aluminum pistons, and Clevite bearings. Then began the selection of other components.
My husband decided on Ford Racing GT-40 X305 aluminum cylinder heads. They have 58cc combustion chambers, 1.94" intake valves, and 1.54" exhaust valves. Even with original GT-40 valve sizes these heads flow more than either GT-40P or GT-40Y heads in original form. The X305's have 178cc intake ports and 62cc exhaust ports. This will provide additional flow while also keeping the velocity up which is what I want for maximum torque.
When the heads arrived my husband deburred all the sharp edges around the port openings, the combustion chambers, and spark plug holes.


The next choice was the cam that would take full advantage of these heads. The goal was to make as much street torque for acceleration as possible but I still wanted a smooth idle. After much comparison and research we got a cam from Lunati that since our purchase has gone out of production. It has the most lift that we can safely have in this engine and the best duration for low and mid range torque as well as taking advantage of the extra flow at higher RPM as well. This engine will not see time over about 5,500 RPM. The lobe seperation angle enables the engine to still have a smooth idle.
This cam is also a retro-fit hydraulic roller cam. This way we can take advantage of the additional lift under the curve of a roller cam while having the heft of an older block. We had to get custom pushrods made as nobody had the proper length pushrods in stock at the time. Since we were on a schedule for a show we could not wait.
Click on the picture to see it full sized.


The rocker arms are Harland Sharp roller rockers. While our son worked there for a short time my husband toured the facility and was very impressed with the operation and the quality that went into the designing, construction, and testing of their rockers. They constantly test theirs against the competition in order to stay a step ahead.